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Balanced Teams: Building Software Users Love

Nick Lundin
August 25, 2023
In today's fast-paced world of software development, creating products that truly resonate with users and stand out in the market requires a holistic and collaborative approach.
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Defining Done in Software Development: Avoid Pitfalls with Key Strategies

Kate Frydryk
August 11, 2023
Imagine you are at the final stage of a big product release. It’s live. It’s in the user’s hands. You’ve done it! Onto the next big feature. But. The users don’t adopt your new features.
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Workplace Well-Being: Our Best Tips for Remote Working

Andrea Dame
July 28, 2023
Imagine - You work from home, for a remote company, and your CEO asks if he can drop-in to work with you for one day. What instant emotions do you feel?
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The Power of Design in Software Development

Mandy Graham
July 14, 2023
Picture yourself in a room filled with skeptical stakeholders, questioning the role of design in software development and expressing concerns that they feel it slows down delivery timelines.
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Designing Software: The Desirability of Elegance

Dale Alleshouse
July 6, 2023
The second part to Defining Software Elegance. This follow-up blog post explores the underlying reasoning behind the veneration of elegance.
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Art of Facilitation: 5 Tips for Becoming an Effective Facilitator

Morgan Hoose
June 16, 2023
Being a great facilitator is about more than leading a meeting, workshop, or discussion. It’s about creating an environment where everyone feels heard, valued, and empowered...
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Context Switching: Strategies to Minimize Distractions and Keep Your Focus

Jason Barnshaw
June 5, 2023
Context switching, the shift of focus from one thing to another, is becoming increasingly prevalent – the constant email notifications, Slack messages, and calendar reminders only begin to highlight the pervasiveness.
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Defining Software Elegance

Dale Alleshouse
June 2, 2023
The word "elegant" is often employed flippantly to describe a particular class of software solution. Finding a software design book that doesn't use the term is challenging...
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How to Plan a Company Retreat

Katherine Dey
May 1, 2023
How do you plan a company retreat from start to finish? We’re sharing details and templates so you can plan a successful retreat for you remote or hybrid team.
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Stop Failing Fast: Agile Mistakes to Avoid (Part 1)

Dan Montgomery
April 28, 2023
The philosophy of “fail fast” has long been part of the Agile lexicon. Both internally and externally, we champion this mantra...
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